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For over 84 years, our instructors have helped thousands of cosmetologists in the Los Angeles area get a high quality education.

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You'll learn the necessary skills from experts in the field who will show you what it takes to have a long and successful career in cosmetology. The curriculum for the cosmetology has been developed throughout the past 84 years, producing many succesful cosmetologists.

The curriculum for students enrolled in a Cosmetology course shall consist of sixteen hundred (1,600) clock hours of technical instruction and practical operations covering all practices constituting the art of Cosmetology pursuant to Section 7316 of the Barbering and Cosmetology Act. Technical instruction means instruction given by demonstration, lecture, classroom participation, or examination. Practical operation shall mean actual performance by the student of a complete service on another person or a mannequin.

Skills to be developed

1.Learn the proper use of implements relative to all Cosmetology services
2.Acquire the knowledge of analyzing the scalp, face and hands prior to all services to determine any disorders
3.Will learn the procedures and terminology used in performing all Cosmetology services.
4.Will learn the application of daytime and evening make-up to include the application of false strip eyelashes
5.Will learn the proper procedures of manicuring to include water and oil manicure and pedicure
6.Will learn the application of brush-on nails, nail wraps and nail tips

Licensing Requirements:

Applicant must be 17 years of age or older and have completed high school or 5 its equivalent. A Cosmetology license will be granted by the Barbering and Cosmetology Program only after the student has successfully completed and graduated from the Cosmetology course described above and passed the Barbering and Cosmetology Examination with an overall average of 75%.



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